Endless Crusades (The)

Kat Flyn
3,125 USD ($)
Sculptures and Ceramics
Antique wood Mexican Nicho shrine with drawer in back to collect coin donations, old wood legs with wooden wheels, Antique WWI brass artillery shell with repousse metalwork technique depicting a crescent moon & star on one side and mosque on opposite side, hand grenade case sent back by US soldier from Afghanistan with pulled grenade pin in eagle's talon, Vintage carved wood eagle's leg with talon, hand made wood cross, Hand painted Christlike figure with gun and text on front of shrine
71.1 x 25.4 x 20.3 cm
Hand-signed by artist
Not included
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The Crusades - religious wars between Christianity and Islam - began almost a thousand years ago (1096 AD) and after laying dormant for several hundred years, seem to have flared up again in our modern times. One can only wonder if religion is the cause of this renewed violence and animosity or if religion is just an excuse for some of our darker impulses. Either way, we should be better than this.


Asking Price3,125 USD ($)-

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