No Nukes Announcement

Keith Haring
1000 - 2500 USD ($)
Offset lithograph
61 x 45.7 cm
Signed and dated in the plate
Great vintage shape, minor soft crease lower and upper corner
Included; Framed size: 26.8 x 20.8 inches; 68.1 x 52.8 cm
Available For Sale
Artist Keith Haring; Director John Woodward, Woodward Gallery, NYC
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Thank for your interest in No Nukes Announcement by Keith Haring, proposed by Woodward Gallery. The asking price is currently 1001 USD ($)

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USD ($)
Paper size: 24 x 18 inches; 61 x 45.7 cm
Keith Haring was involved in the Anti Nuclear Rally in Central Park in NYC on June 12th 1982. He provided his iconic imagery to encourage nuclear disarmament. Keith personally handed out a reported 20,000 posters to the crowd. The No Nukes concert in Central Park featured musicians Bruce Springstein, Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor, Jackson Brown, and others.


Asking Price1000 - 2500 USD ($)1000 - 2500-

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