KERRA TAYLOR received her BFA and minor in art history from Missouri State University in 2012. She earned her MFA from Southern Illinois University Carbondale in 2016. She has two current bodies of work which are representational, narrative-based paintings.
Kerra has exhibited her work in juried shows such as the No Dead Artists exhibition at Jonathan Ferrara Gallery in New Orleans, where she has been awarded a solo show. Dr. Samuel Peralta curated her artwork into "Chronicles of a Future Foretold" exhibition at 33 Contemporary Gallery in Chicago. She has been published in New American Paintings MFA editions #117 and #129. She has also been featured in several PoetsArtists publications and online exclusives on Artsy via Zhou B Art Center. Two of her paintings are in the 21 C Museum Hotels collection.
She currently teaches beginning and intermediate drawing courses at Missouri State University.
The artist says of her work...
Stories are told through many mediums. My work exploits the narrative potential of painting. A painting, however, cannot encompass the entirety of a narrative, but it can imply a narrative. It functions more like a single scene from the story rather than the whole story. When we take a scene out of context, we are left to fill in the gaps. For every person, for every story, their interpretation of the scene will be unique. In this manner, I allow room for the viewer to enter into my paintings and complete the stories with their own past experiences.
I playfully fabricate memories with my spouse, parents, siblings, and in-laws, as I fill in the holes caused by the loss of stories. I take into consideration the various personalities, quirks, and typical environments that my relatives and I live in. My paintings are embellishments of personal experiences with family. By putting them in these normal settings with such unusual circumstances, I create my own stories, both familiar and fantastic at the same time. It is in these extraordinary situations that we find the stories that are more worth telling.

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