Who am I?; What is my purpose?
These are two of the most powerful questions I've ever learned to ask myself.
In meditation, the most sure way that I've found for connecting with the core root of my being and all that I am is to ask these questions.
I believe that all the peace, love, joy, light, and fulfillment we seek in life can be found in being who we truly are; that somehow it is our perceived detachment from our truest selves that gives rise to the feelings of lack and wanting that cause us to go looking out in the material world for something to fill us.
I also believe that when we live from a place of deep connection to our truest selves, our actions flow naturally and spontaneously through us, and we fulfill our purpose simply by being who we are. Life flows from the center of our being.
This piece is a visual reminder of these two questions and all that we are within.

Unity series

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