"Every thought, every form of energy, moves or concentrates in circular or spherical courses. Heat rays are spherically formed, planets circle the sun, atoms circle their center nucleus, our thoughts circle our problems, circular waves radiate in water from an object touching it's surface, etc. etc.
Our life seems to flow in a circle. We enter the world through a circular opening, we grow up in a family circle. We see the world through a circular opening (pupils) embedded in the circular iris, which in itself is a beautiful, circular cosmos of its own.
We take our course through life and our soul leaves our mortal being through a round hole in the fontanel for the wheel of reincarnation, according to eastern religions, ... and so we experience small and large aspects of our lives taking the form of a circle."
-Thoth Adan Unity

About The Gallery

Isabella Garrucho Fine Art is an art gallery based in Greenwood. It offers a great selection of artworks for sale by many emerging and established artists.
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