"Know Thyself"
As an artist I am interested in exploring the relationship of the soul incarnated in the physical realm of Earth.
I feel there is so much value here to explore. In our western culture this relationship we have with our soul seems to be so isolated to the realm of organized religion. To speak openly about our soul and to seek to understand and live our soul purpose still seems to be a taboo in popular culture.
And yet we do seem to be edging closer to a level of acceptance of such subjects. "Manifestation," "meditation," and numerous variations of "energy work' are practices we rarely heard of several years ago that now seem to be spoken of openly in mainstream culture.
My hope is that the arts can be a vehicle for driving the presence of these subjects to the front stage of western culture, to normalize these explorations of self, and to empower individuals to know themselves on deeper levels.

Unity series

About The Gallery

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