'Sat Chit Ananda'; My soul is free from all restrictions; My soul has spontaneous knowing; My soul exists in complete fulfillment/bliss
'Sat Chit Ananda' is a sutra that describes the nature of our soul. The third installment of seven pieces to the Unity series deal with the number 3, and explores this part of our existence and its function.
Coming from the number 2 and learning to embrace the duality of life, that all things in existence have polarized ends (the law of opposites) I'd like to propose that in the journey of self-discovery, through embracing the duality that lies inherently within each of us by accepting our shadow self along with our light we open the gateway to connecting with our soul.
This can be seen as the third eye which sees the unity in all apparent duality.
This piece is the first in this line of exploration of the number 3 in the Unity series.

Unity series

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