Continuing on with the Unity series I am starting to feel even more connected to the theme which seems to unite us all.
Looking at cultures and spiritual traditions from around the world from ancient times to present, humankind has left an endless trail of its understanding of its soul and an afterlife. Through ritual practices, philosophies, religions, death ceremonies, and especially through Art, human beings from all over this earth have maintained throughout time an awareness that there is more to our existence than just what we see.
This is what I believe truly unites us, the mystery of the human experience and our relationship to a non physical reality we have been depicting and interacting with since the beginning of time.
My hope is that through open exploration of the thousands of different beliefs and explanations we can see beyond the thin veil of differences and shed light on what is so incredibly similar in all of it from culture to culture, person to person.
Every point on a circle has its polarity, and yet the center point remains the same for all.

Unity series

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