Good To Know: Stretched canvas on wooden frame, CoA (Certificate of Authenticity) issued by the artist, condition report available upon request; Arty-Fact: "There exists a contradiction between who we are and what we reveal, "expressed emotions" and "suppressed emotions". Our innermost feelings are kept in check and masked. We either reflect responses that are expected from the world or we cultivate emotions to elicit the right responses from people around us. People who act on their primary impulses or who express every emotion they feel would be viewed as unintelligent with under-developed mental processes justifying the need for our individual smoke screens. Emotions are subject to motivation and temperament and often have a positive and a negative aspect such as joy and sorrow; love and hate etc. Emotions may also have roots in cultural conditioning or fulfil the desire to be perceived a certain way in society establishing ones status and an endless array of permutations and combinations leading to a gamut of complex and constrained emotions intertwined with mood, temperament, personality, disposition, and motivation. This series depicts the inner hidden spectrum of colourful emotions screaming and desperate to be revealed, yet hidden by that smoke screen.” ~ Lakshmi Mohanbabu

About The Gallery

Addicted is an art gallery founded by an Australian “Mr” (Blair) and “Mrs” (Elena) living in the buzzing metropolis that
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