White , Black and Silver Seal (Set of 3 Prints)

1,500 EUR (€)
Screen Printing
3-colour screen prints on Somerset 300g/sm archival paper (White + Black + Silver Prints)
60 x 80 x 0 cm
Signed and numbered
Edition of 30, 30, and 8
Unavailable For Sale
berlin,screen print,urban spree,L'Atlas,dolly demoratti,Urban Spree Galerie,calligraphy,serigraphie,red seal,calligraphie,calligraffiti,contemporary art,Siebdruck,VAO,VAO Collective
Paper Size: 70 x 90 cm; 4-deckled edges; Certificate of Authenticity


Asking Price1,500 EURInstead of 1 650,00 €. With the "All 3 Print Editions'" combo, get all 3 prints of this edition with 1 white print, 1 monochrome black print, one silver edition. Limited to 8 sets.-

About Artist

L’Atlas is a French street artist, painter, photographer and video artist, well-known for his unique and recognizable lettering style.Read More
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