Five marks

Laura Newman
2,000 GBP (£)
Flashe on panel
35.6 x 45.8 x 0 cm
Unique artwork
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Sharon Butler, founder of the Two Coats of Paint project, wrote the following about Laura Newman in 2012: “Laura Newman’s color has always been sweet but brittle...the seemingly casual color shapes pulsate, gnash, and hover, like the pigeons she watches outside her Williamsburg studio…[Newman’s paintings] at first delight, then purposely confuse our expectations, leaving us to sort out the point of view, the enigmatic shapes, and the hints of narrative on our own. These paintings are a gentle reminder that things aren’t always as they seem.”
United States
abstract art,abstract painting,painting
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Laura Newman's paintings combine geometric delineations of space, ephemeral color fields, dynamic lines and organic forms, resulting in atmospheric images evocative of representational landscapes, but always opening up to something more, something beyond.

When Nemwan found out that the low building in front of hers was going to be torn down for a new condo, she decided to make a series of small paintings on panel that would respond to the building site as it underwent demolition.

Five Marks is an abstract response to its brief incarnation as an empty field. Paint is matte; color is high key; mark-making is simple and direct.


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Laura Newman is an established American contemporary artist known for abstract and colorful paintings. Read More

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160 FERNHEAD ROAD,London, United Kingdom
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