Good To Know: Linen backed, stretched on wooden box frame, customised archival framing, condition report available upon request.

Arty-Fact: There's a little devilry in any alcoholic beverage, and Cappiello used infernal imagery in a number of liquor promotions. We see a red devil pouring it on for Reynaud vermouth and another one praises Pineral orange-based stomach bitters. But in contrast to these, we have one of the artist's classics. A most unusual green demon having a devilishly good time with the MAURIN aperitif, made by Maurin-Brenas of Le Puy. The founder of the enterprise was Auguste Maurin, who in 1884, opened a distillery in Esplay in the Haute-Loire district. What makes this devil stand out so forcefully is the almost Day-Glo quality of the colour, sparse but ever so effective.

Source: “Cappiello – The Posters Of Leonetto Cappiello” by Jack Rennett, 2004

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