In 2007, Hewitt began working with the form of Vanitas (still life) while studying this particular genre of 16th and 17th century painting at the Rijksmuseum Research Library in Amsterdam. Set in her studio and shot with a fixed camera angle in natural light conditions, each composition is punctuated by a variety of objects such as found images and snapshots, torn photos tucked between wall and lumber, glass, chunks of onyx or obsidian, a conch shell, an abstract ink drawing made by the artist, and a brass Mobius strip, also made by the artist. A wood panel is set atop a pile of books that are mostly stacked with their spines to the wall, but in a few cases you can see that the pile includes Jean-Paul Sartre's Black Orpheus, Henry Dumas's Ark of Bones, and an issue of Presence Africane. These studies are framed and installed on the wall. The 'Spiral and Loop' studies are derived from Hewitt's most recent body of work, created for her exhibition "Reading Room," 2019 at Perrotin NY. These studies are references to Hewitt's photo-sculpture works, known as 'leaning photographs,' that were presented in her exhibition. Spiral and Loop

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