Leslie Hewitt's photographs rest in custom built wooden frames that lean against the wall and invite viewers to experience a unique space between photography and sculpture. Set in a domestic environment and shot with natural light, Hewitt's photographs are constructed from personal and found snapshots depicting everyday life, and magazines and books that relate to black popular culture of the 1970s and 80s. These elements which are stacked, balanced, and perched atop one another in various combinations reflect the artist's interest in 16th and 17th century Dutch still-life painting, while the repeated rearrangement and photographing of similar compositions is a way to capture the most subtle shifts in perception. Hewitt's careful arrangement of objects borrowed from personal ephemera and popular culture, investigate the way in which our cultural memory is established, while exploring notions of time space and memory. Hewitt works in series and has so far created four of the leaning photographs series over a period of 20 years: Make it Plain (2006), Midday Series (2009), Blue Skies, Warm Sunlight (2011), Still Life Series (2013), Spiral and Loop (2019). Works from this body of work are included in the collections of The Des Moines Art Center, Des Moines; the Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas; The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles; the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; and the Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco; among others.

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