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Belgian-born painter Linda Coppens mobilizes color, texture and gestural mark making as a structure for the creation of abstract compositions the artist hopes will evoke a sense of emotional balance in the viewer.

Using a mix of mediums that includes acrylic paint and cold wax, Coppens layers her mediums using non-traditional tools and techniques. Her inspirations include the unexpected feelings and thoughts generated by poetry; the weather worn surfaces of derelict urban buildings; and the vibrant and bountiful visual world of nature.

In order to evoke the various realms of human experience that inspire her, Coppens surrenders to process, allowing her paintings to manifest slowly according to their own rhythm and internal logic rather than planning her compositions in advance. Time is also an essential element in her work, as the impasto layers of paint can be read as records of the history of their own making. Coppens has exhibited extensively in Belgium, US and Luxembourg.

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