Over the past 20 years, Liset Castillo has built sculptures, complex installations in sand, wood, plexiglass, powder pigments and other materials which she then photographed in her studio. The idea of ​​the fleeting state of things, chaos, order, creation and destruction has always been a leitmotif in her work. Liset Castillo creates conceptual and metaphorical works that challenge the definition and the limits between sculpture, painting and photography. Since the start, she created works that defy categorization. She gives a new meaning to objects and materials reflecting antagonisms of subjects such as: order and disorder, the material and the ephemeral, disintegration and development.
The mural sculpture 'Spectrum: Order and Disorder' presented in the CUBA : ¿Pa' Donde Vamos? exhibition is made up of a set of 14 tubes filled with rare color pigments. This work dissipates the boundaries between painting, sculpture and installation. The symbiotic relationship between the subject and the material she uses plays an important role. Its spectrum is not limited to a set of specific values ​​but becomes a spectrum of colors that can be modified or presented indefinitely. The question of determination, and of the unique ideology that reigns in Cuba, inspires most of her work. At the same time, her artworks offer the possibility and the freedom to change directions through the space they leave to choice and chance. The volatile state of pigments is analogous to contemporary ideologies. It is also a very personal way for the artist to approach Havana from the point of view of the diaspora, absence and distance.​

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