'Noborderland is a work about the ever-changing process of territory and community through borders. Whether the borders are infrastructure like walls or traffic ways like Le Boulevard peripherique in Paris, or just an ethic, cultural or digital restriction, the other site can't be reached and sets a fascination for the individuals that are kept away from it. Grown up in the former GDR, Lars saw the dynamic process of a state falling apart. As a teenager he learned, that even his own uncles who had to do their military service as border patrol, got the order 39/60 which is known as the „Schiessbefehl", the shooting order which they had to follow. If a person wanted to flee from the territory of the GDR, they had to shoot him down. They failed, but others didn't. The overcoming of this restrictive regime and their walls by their own people, to become another State with a new set of rules, is deeply sunken into the artist's biography and often finds its expression in his works.