Epoxy resin leftover, pebbles, Goose egg, Birch plywood, LED.

'Plastic pandemic' was realized in Luca's house during Covid-19 quarantine.
This description came from the artist's mouth itself:
'Stones and pebbles are paramount for me. These came from my past: I have picked up since long time ago. Was lying hidden, in a corner of my studio, one small canvas, zipped bag, with other treasures I found on unremembered beaches. I love minerals and stone, and stainless steel and insect, spider, moth, dragonfly, beetles. And the three beasts on the back are Manatees that usually pass by, trough little river, in my backyard. They are cannibal mutants manatees, because they have eaten too much plastic in their lives. The plastic on the opera are leftover of resin that remain on the table where I do the pouring for Floors operas. I have been intrigued by leftover since started to work with watercolours: the pieces of paper where I test the strokes and force of paint on brush, are beautiful pieces of art to me. I have stored some the paper plate where I mix color for the paintings, since 20 years. It'll be in another opera soon.
On the back of the opera there's also an Haiku, in Italian. This is the translation:

ABSOLUTE; Yes, all is thinking.
We are like the left remains, as hoarse flickering. '

In his career as a freelance for the prestigious Conde Nast (Uomo Vogue, Maison et Jardin, Vogue Italia, Casa Vogue) Luca has shooted really everything: portraits, food, interior design, architecture, jewels. Than in 2015 he started working on "synchronicity": 3d photo mosaics hand cutout, based on photographic family's memory and photos of cities and landscapes.

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