2014 -2020

'Difference II', an installation that registers the actions of the viewer, by the use of highly reflective materials, enabling the viewer to perceive the work differently as they move around the room.
Even though each steel bar has gone through the same process, each one rusts uniquely, polishes uniquely and is perceived uniquely depending on its differing contexts and positions to the viewer.
This work, like many works by Lucinda Burgess, requires regular maintenance. Similar to a wall drawing or other installation-based work, the work is accompanied by a certificate, outlining the maintenance schedule. In this instance, the metal rods have to be polished regularly, depending on the humidity in the space in which the work is installed, but usually on an annual or bi-annual basis. The metal rod elements have to be replaced every 15 - 20 years depending on the frequency of the polishing process, highlighting the transient nature of the work, another hallmark of Burgess practice.

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