Italian painter, sculptor, and theorist Lucio Fontana is known as the founder of Spatialism, and an important Arte Povera artist and Futurist. After spending the 1930s and '40s in Italy and France, he returned to Argentina where he helped found the Altamira Academy. It was at this time that he created his theories on Spazialismo, or Spatialism. Following his return to Italy he started the so-called Spatial Concept or slash series, consisting of holes or slashes on the surfaces of monochrome paintings. He devised the generic title Concetto Spaziale ('spatial concept') for these works and used it for almost all his later paintings.

This rare multiple offers an excellent opportunity to acquire an iconic work of art by a blue chip artist, and at an affordable price relative to his works on paper and canvas. The work on offer is sold with the original exhibition catalogue and slip cover. Please contact the gallery for additional images, or with any questions.

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