EPMT (2)

Macyn Bolt
1,800 GBP (£)
Acrylic on wood
42 x 38 cm
Available For Sale
The gallerist and curator Harry Simon, owner of Simon Gallery in Morristown, New Jersey, wrote about Bolt’s work in 2016, saying: “These paintings represent the new visual foundation that Bolt has employed over the last three years which utilizes a symmetrically divided composition to posit open and closed forms, interlocking shapes and illusionary spaces. In doing so, he affirms the complex, often contradictory, nature of spatial comprehension.” Timothy Van Laar, artist, critic, author and curator of the “About Painting” exhibition Bolt’s work was included in at the Simone DeSousa Gallery, Detroit, MI in 2016 wrote about Macyn Bolt: “Macyn Bolt’s Shadow Boxer series investigates the qualities of reflection and mirroring that are unique to the space of abstract painting. These are paintings in which rigorous, reductive imagery shifts between flat and illusory. Anchored within the symmetry of two equal divisions, the crosscurrents of these spatial polarities ricochet off each other to create a subtle equilibrium.”
United States
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This painting is part of a series called EPMT which are made on wooden panels, the surface and color are built up using palette knives that creates a rather smooth surface. Subtle shifts of tonalities and surface incident from the knives used provide their unique character.

This work is about subtle shifts within a shallow space. The interaction of different values of white within the structured environment speaks with a quiet voice. The minimal points of yellow line create a spark that offsets their nearly silent surroundings.

The meditative character reveals itself over time and requires attentive viewing. It makes a demand of the viewer, yet ultimately initiate a certain calm spirit.



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Macyn Bolt is an American abstract painter whose compositions and their forms explore the concepts of various shifts within visual....Read More

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