Work is cast upon purchase, 50% non-refundable deposit required, 2-3 month lead time for casting.
The artist says of her work...
"Art is a form of communication between the artist and the viewer. Art is about vision, and how that vision is expressed is what can create a strong emotional pull for the observer."
I express myself through the medium of bronze which allows me to portray the extremes of the soft flow of water to the harsh asphalt pavement of our world. My artwork encompasses the pop theme of presenting commonplace objects as fine art. It is meant to engage the viewer and allow them to contemplate and pull from within, and for a moment disengage from the outside world.
What you see is definitely not what you get.
The act of creating is an emotional release; it centers, giving an inner peace which allows us to reflect not only on who we are, but how we think and feel. I realize now, that the pride of being an artist comes not from what one sells, but the inner peace one derives from the act of creating.