With a sense of bold irreverence and a keen spirit of contemporary culture-mining, the South African-born street artist known as Mantis has graced the forgotten walls of international cities, including Los Angeles, Miami, Sydney, Bangkok, and Berlin with an acerbic wit similar to the British street artist Banksy. He's been steadily contributing to the global street art landscape since 1995 when he first picked up a can to paint the walls of the Capetown Railway Station one night with fellow artists Falco and Makone. Using the stenciled aerosol technique, Mantis creates a biting commentary of consumer culture with a pointed tip at authoritative bodies and their inherent failings and hypocrisies. Ultimately, however, the goal is positive change rather than incessant negative messages. His first solo exhibition Altered State reinvented the derelict landmark, the Lord Napier Pub in East London. He also created album cover art for British mod rock singer Paul Weller.

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