Exercises in Understanding Spacetime

This project is composed of drawings on paper, with the act of drawing being a form of reflection.
In practice, I do this with highly ethereal drawings framed with a very light, almost immaterial touch.
I begin with the logical proposition that spacetime is founded on different assumed potentials.
Differences in potential generate movement and cause different densities to occur.
Different densities produce perceptible nodes in a given spacetime.
.All time fits into one instant.
If time fits into an instant, space fits in one point.
Time opens up and slows down when dimensions are increased: one dimension (hyperconvergence) is much faster tan two (flat) dimensions, and two dimensions are faster than three.
Purpose is prior to existence.
What is subconscious is synchronizing to purpose.
Each piece is an attempt to synchronize a subconscious purpose by modifying a design and bringing it to consciousness.
Purpose becomes impulse, which turns into gesture, which becomes a stroke and generates space.
Each exercise generates a spacetime.
Space is the stage on which time plays out.
Each exercise puts forward a new version that recreates a certain spacetime.

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