So often we don't allow men to speak honestly openly and feel safe expressing their feelings without being attacked.
MARCELLA COLAVECCHIO is an Austin based artist known for her vibrant enthusiasm for color, which is manifested in her figurative work. Marcella inserts herself in art historical iconographies that have fascinated her since childhood, and which, due to her biological sex, hold conflicting connotations of ostracism and admiration. By recreating these in her own image, she is able to explore gender roles, and how it has been shared by patriarchal, societal, and cultural ideals of femininity.
Born in Stamford, Connecticut, Marcella studied at Lyme Academy of Fine Art and has worked in technology, writing, and consulting before moving to Austin in 2018 to pursue her own art practice. Marcella's interest in art began in childhood, inspired by her artist father, whose artistic ability was not encouraged in post-WWII Italy. Consequently, her perception of art is defined by the belief that it must transform and challenge both herself and society.
Her work has been featured in online and print publications, most recently, Split Lip Magazine in January 2020. In 2018, Marcella took a year-long residency in Bee Cave, Texas. The work created during this residency has been included in numerous group exhibitions in Austin, along with her first solo exhibition in 2019.
The artist says of her work...
I am a contemporary figurative artist working in acrylic and classical drawing medium. My work, which often depicts nudes, explores gender oppression; the dismantling of "traditional" roles of men and women, re-defining it, and using those concepts to elevate my subjects as vessels of power.
I attempt a presentation of the figure that does not separate the sensual and beautiful from the bold and meaningful. Power is a great tool - it can move people, challenge attitudes, and inspire action and devotion. By juxtaposing figuration with a bold narrative context, I suggest the necessity of societal transformation.