The big pharmaceutical companies are the main industry of death - much more then the war industry. Their increasing profits require to produce more and more sick people, and keeping them permanently. So they need to come up with ever more subtle and pervasive systems to induce people to lose their health: such as create new unhealthy habits, mystify information, seduce with false promises of well-being that actually produce disease and death.
Life is programmed from the womb to the grave; there is no escape. And the Longevity Calculator puts people on the same level as object undergoing planned obsolescence: we all have an expiration date. And the void is never returnable.

'Calcolatore di longevita | Life Calculator' (ComPUSter n.04) is part of a six-element installations featured during the finissage week in Biennale di Venezia 2017.
The concept is about the decomposition of both organic and mechanical matter, showing at the same time the obsolescence of materials and the obsolescence of minds, ideas and cultures. Proto-industrial machines and organic materials (such as oxen brains under resin) join the same destiny: the inevitability of decline and oblivion whereof only nature escapes.

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