Anyone who thinks that war can solve problems has a chicken brain. This - in no uncertain terms - is the message of an artwork in which a death machine is operated by a chicken head. On the battlefield, the "toy soldiers" are dehumanized pawns on a surreal and grotesque chessboard whose stupidity is rendered in an absurd video-projection.

'Calcolatore di morte | Death Calculator' (ComPUSter n.03) is part of a six-element installations featured during the finissage week in Biennale di Venezia 2017. The concept is about the decomposition of both organic and mechanical matter, showing at the same time the obsolescence of materials and the obsolescence of minds, ideas and cultures. Proto-industrial machines and organic materials (such as oxen brains under resin) join the same destiny: the inevitability of decline and oblivion whereof only nature escapes.

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