Calcoli Improbabili ( "Improbable Calculator") is part of a six-element installations featured during the finissage week in Biennale di Venezia 2017. The concept is about the decomposition of both organic and mechanical matter, showing at the same time the obsolescence of materials and the obsolescence of minds, ideas and cultures. Proto-industrial machines and organic materials (such as oxen brains under resin) join the same destiny: the inevitability of decline and oblivion whereof only nature escapes.

Science and philosophy, the two greatest systems that have governed the fate of humanity for over two millennia, have proved false and questionable. What is true today will not be tomorrow; and delegate to science the explanation of reality is an illusion, because the reality changes with the opinions that we express on it. We can only know the statistical probability of a physical event, but nothing about the nature of the event itself. It is therefore perfectly plausible that the equation "1 + 15" makes "cow", and the (un)Probability Calculator represents the most advanced instrument of approximation to the ultimate truth.

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