Carbon steel powder coated, led lights, enhanced digital audio system


Megagong is not only a sculpture but a design object and a musical instrument. It draws its inspiration from traditional gongs, used for their evocative sonic characteristics in mystical cultures.
Megagong is a unique electro-acoustic instrument digitally enhanced in order to exceed both in harmonic richness and sustain a traditional gong, and can be connected to a chain of additional effects with infinite tonal possibilities.
Megagong will give harmony to your environment both in passive mode due to its minimal luminous aspect, and in active mode for the sonic range that allows you to experiment. Overall, it exceeds everything art is supposed to make you feel, triggering over four senses at once to give you an experience of a lifetime.


Category: Sound Art / Interactive / Wall Sculpture and Installation.

Materials: Carbon steel powder coated, led lights, enhanced digital audio system.

Glossy finishes on plasma-cut metal, reference audio system with four two-way 400W total; monitors, stereo jack audio output, LED backlight from 600W to 6000k, interchangeable panels; with customizable RAL colors with magnetic coupling, preamplification and harmonization system; TC Helicon, Sennheizer microphone, double-leaf original wooden bat.

SCOPE Miami Beach, Art Basel Week 2019; SCOPE New York, Armory Week 2020

THE ARTIST:; Marco Guglielmi REIMMORTAL is a visual artist, a performer and a sound designer.
He acquired notoriety for his big conceptual installations showing an harmonic vision of vibrating sonic bodies. All his lifetime research is on the connections between vision, sound and human perception based on emotions, a non-verbal language which is - first and foremost - an energetic exchange. All projects are
based on the ideas of sustainability, environmental preservation, biodiversity where the respect of all forms of life prevails.
The accordance of sound and vision is a leit-motiv in Marco's works such as 'SonicMandala' and 'TSP (Trance Sonic Painting)'.
SonicMandala is an alchemical approach to sound stimulating the vision through resonance, while in TSP specific waveforms induce a hypnotic trance whereof the artist moves and transposes the sonic vibrations to the canvas.
In the last years Marco has been creating sculptures and installations marked by the confluence of all media and by a strong experimental attitude, mixing mechanical and organical, proto-industrial and pure minimalism. His latest series of works, 'ComPUSter' and 'Albero Sonico', investigate the decline of social, economic and scientific systems basing on the ideas of ecosphere as a synergistic system sharing a non-verbal language which is - first and foremost - an energetic and emotional exchange.

Marco exhibited worldwide, including Florence Biennale, Venice Biennale, Art Basel Miami and MACRO (Museo Arte Contemporanea Roma). At the end of 2019 he opened his own showroom in Miami, 2200 Biscayne Blvd and launched his MEGAGONGS, the sum of his conceptual research on the harmonic vision of vibrating sonic bodies.

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