Receiver 2

Margaret Neill
Ink on paper
74.9 x 55.9 cm
The abstract artist and art writer Steven Alexander wrote about Margaret Neill on his blog, The Steven Alexander Journal, in 2009, saying about her work: "The images are simple curves and intersecting geometries, fragments of infinite configurations that form focused interactions of light and dark -- an elegant fusion of physicality and grace...Explorations of intersecting archetypal shapes -- arcs, elipses, circles -- these works are beautifully direct and sensuous. Their configurations are at once primal and analytical, the products of a highly focused painter\'s engagement with her materials, with the discipline of drawing, and with the world."
United States
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Unframed artwork. Neill creates works on canvas, linen and paper using a variety of mediums, including graphite, colored pencil, charcoal and paint. Her process involves an intuitive marking of the surface resulting in continuous, interwound lines and squiggled geometric formations.
The work references many of the qualities of Lyrical Abstraction. Her process is instinctive and non-representational.

Margaret Neill is inspired by the fluid geometric qualities of curve and line, in particular how the natural qualities of the earth and sky intermingle with urban elements of object and architecture.

She lives and works in Brooklyn.

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Margaret Neill is an American contemporary artist born in Ohio in 1956. She is best known for her abstract paintings and drawings ....Read More

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