Tennis Player by Impressionist Art Master, Mark King. This awe-inspiring top-quality serigraph is created on thick artist`s paper. It is numbered out of 50 AP (Artist Proofs), hand-signed by King, in the bottom right hand corner. King follows in the footsteps of Courbet and the Impressionists, painting what he sees, such as the familiar streets, monuments and quarters of Paris. King never fully defines his seductive faces and figures, which he often shows from behind, as if they too were silent observers like himself. Like the Impressionist Masters, Mark King uses his eye as a passive organ, confronting the visual field. Objective and detached, he considers himself an 'unobserved observer.' He explains, 'I make no judgements about what I see, there is no right or wrong, it is there to be assimilated.' King believes, 'When there is no jamming of the cosmic forces influencing our receptivity, those energies and forces feed into us and it is those briefest fractions of a second when things flow.

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