Of this series, the artist says...
Chroma is a visual expression of how my experiences and memories affect my perception of place and space through the dimensionality of color.
To me, life is fragmented and layered, a mosaic of experiences interwoven with reflection and intuition: the places we visit, the homes we live in, the environments we explore - each overlapping and influencing one another. Through abstraction, shape, color, and scale I render a refracted visual reality, and with the pieces in Chroma, color's role comes to the fore.
Some colors we keep with us - they define our memories and influence our perception of place. That fabric swatch. That afternoon light. Or maybe that green which was never really there, perfectly encapsulates how we felt the first time we walked through that door or looked through that window.
Chroma's vibrant display of geometric abstract paintings explore the concept of spatial identity, translating how place and experience uniquely intertwine. The encounter is subjective, but the abstracted, refracted image dangles the possibility of connection - where my individual perceptions and yours might meet and be shared.