In this painting, Nehrling explores youthful disregard for danger, recalling a season when with friends she would leap across a light well from a third storey window to the rooftop of the neighboring building.
The streetlight flickered up through trees in sync with a lake-scented breeze, and the contour of downtown Chicago was a crystalline mirage in the dusk. Though she shudders with gratitude, she remembers feeling part of the sky and all its colors.

Martina Nehrling is an American abstract artist whose dynamic and richly textured paintings evoke kaleidoscopic worlds of pattern, color, shadow and form.
Nehrling employs a highly developed, idiosyncratic painting method that involves methodical accumulations of abrupt, impasto brush marks.
Using pure, opaque colours, she projects a bold and vivid energy from her compositions. Each carefully placed mark grips on to its neighbour, forming hypnotic shapes and forms that seem to vibrate.
The hard edges and geometric shapes make the work feel structured and architectonic, while sumptuously oozing trails of paint drip freely, betraying an embrace of the accident, and a respect for the human hand.

Her works are in numerous public and institutional collections, including those of the Federal Reserve Bank, Chicago, IL and PNC Bank, Chicago, IL; and New York Presbyterian Hospital, New York, NY, among many others.

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