As one of the early Abstract Expressionists, Mary Abbott created powerful works in which she combined dynamic, gestural brushstrokes with a unique sense of color. Her works show her aim of translating feelings onto canvas, and as she put it: "I like the process of painting. The intensity of Living Nature through myself—using the medium, paint, color, and line defining the poetry of the living space; that is my aim, life, and work." Although she exhibited regularly at notable galleries such as Stable, Tanager, Tibor de Nagy, and Kootz and was a member of The Club, Abbott received less attention in the post-war years than her male counterparts, like many other women of her time. However, the steadfast creativity and accomplishment of Abbott and other women of her generation have become increasingly acknowledged and given overdue consideration. Among the recent efforts was the groundbreaking 2016 exhibition, Women of Abstract Expressionism, held at the Denver Art Museum, curated by University of Denver professor Gwen F. Chanzit.

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