Two Palms is pleased to announce the premiere of a portfolio of three collaborative line etchings by Elizabeth Peyton and Matthew Barney and two photogravures after a double-exposed Polaroid portrait of Jonas Mekas. The Polaroid was taken by John Lennon at a dumpling party given by Fluxus artist George Maciunas at 80 Wooster Street, Soho, on June 29, 1971. Mekas documented the dumpling party which was attended by Lennon, Yoko Ono and Andy Warhol among others, in a short film (viewable on YouTube). The Polaroid was gifted by Lennon to Mekas with a personal notation on the back. Both the front and the back of the Polaroid are reproduced as photogravures in the portfolio. The proceeds from the sales of the portfolio will go directly to support the Anthology Film Archives Library Project.
Matthew Barney and Elizabeth Peyton on Jonas:
"Jonas Mekas has a restlessness that is very attractive to us. He has sustained a long, vibrant career where he has never stopped experimenting. Through his work at Film Anthology Archives he has generously defended the work of other experimenters. We respect this.
"Our conversation started when Jonas showed us some Polaroids that John Lennon took at a party in the 70's, attended by a number of Jonas'; friends and fellow artists. These photos capture something about the collective spirit and generosity that characterizes Jonas'; own work and his character. He asked us if we thought the photos could make sense as a portfolio to benefit the expansion of Film Anthology Archives. The photos made us think about the collaborative etchings that we had been doing...something to do with the combination of incidental scenarios populated with people loved by both of us. We were immediately attracted to a double-exposed Polaroid that Lennon had taken of Jonas. We started by working from that image, and one etching was made from that source. We then; became interested in making a portrait of Jonas in the present day. We asked Jonas to come in and sit for us. The other two etchings were made from that sitting, passing the etching plates back and forth between us."

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