This three-panel triptych took two years to conceptualize into a real artwork made with only layers of packing tape and cuttings with an scalpel. According to the artist, he had been wanting to create a night time cityscape depicting a Time Square look, but with hints of imaginary details to add a filter of mysterious film noir romance.
This work is the artist's largest, most detailed piece to date in his career, and in some ways the most challenging. No pre-sketch was made, and there are no photo references used to map out the scale of the bustling city background and calmingly still foreground subjects.
This artwork is made from only layers of sepia-toned and colored packing tape on top of acrylic glass. The tape is hand cut by the artist. The LED light behind the sheet of acrylic glass illuminates the different layers, creating different tones.
All Max Zorn tape artworks are sealed air tight by a sealant and a permanent opaque back sheet behind it to prevent exposure to dust, dryness and humidity. LED lights are low-voltage to avoid any heat, and every artwork has a UV protected acrylic glass in the front. LED frame and CoA included.

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