ABOUT: 'The Ace' is the latest addition to Max Zorn's sports series, focusing on a blend of vintage elements with classic athletics still played and embraced as a modern lifestyle. The subject's sepia-toned colors and sharp-dressed golf clothes, from the fedora to the skinny waist belt, give a nod to The Rat Pack style of Sinatra and Bogart. But the slight pop of emerald grass and sapphire blue seawater bring the whole artwork to life in a more contemporary light. This artwork was inspired by a few of the artist's collectors who play professional golf, and to the many months the artist has spent in South Florida.
MEDIUM: This artwork is made from only layers of sepia-toned and colored packing tape on top of acrylic glass. The tape is hand cut by the artist, with no photo reference and no pre-sketch. The LED light behind the sheet of acrylic glass illuminates the different layers, creating different tones.
PROTECTION: All Max Zorn tape artworks are sealed air tight by a sealant and a permanent opaque back sheet behind it to prevent exposure to dust, dryness and humidity. LED lights are low-voltage to avoid any heat, and every artwork has a UV protected acrylic glass in the front. LED frame and CoA included. The artist has made ten by hand, each one slightly different because the artwork is handmade. Two are available.

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