Md Tokon's style has reflected the art of American Abstract Expressionists. Md Tokon spent his early years in Jhenidah and Dhaka. The physicality and immediacy of his paintings are inspired moments of deep reflection; they transport the viewer to a place neither here nor there, a timeless place beyond the horizon. Tokon's paintings deliver their message reflecting nature, emotion, and passion; with intense aesthetic expression, through surface and color. Md Tokon is in love with color and in love with the cities he grew up in. Throughout the canvas he has been deeply influenced by layer of soil, light, surface, music lyrics, harmony and invention, monochrome and minimalism. All his paintings have a significant abstract expression focused on the depiction of emotions rather than objects. His work can not only be described as 'lyrical & atmospheric abstraction', but also convey an insight into life and a spiritual attachment.
Md Tokon likes the action, freedom, power, strength, excitement, and most of all the emotion that color and line can communicate.

Beyond The Horizon series

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