Mel Bochner has explored language in his work since the 1960's. Beginning in 1994, he continued his investigation of the subject in his printmaking projects with Two Palms. In the studio, he has developed an exhaustive repertoire of traditional and non-traditional printmaking techniques: etching, photogravure, cyanotype, mirrored glass, highly-textured silkscreen, salt prints, large scale rubber stamps, and monoprints of unprecedented scale and physicality. All these activities serve to expand the range of philosophical, psychological, political, and visual ideas that his work engages.
One of the reasons I focus on ordinary language is because everybody can read it and have some personal reference point. To me, the emotional trajectory of the painting is how one gets from the first word to the last word ‒ from the prim and proper to the crude and vulgar. I concentrate a lot on the sense and sound of the language. The flow of words has to have a certain kind of rhythm or a certain kind of lack of rhythm. That's how the narrative of the picture is constructed. - Mel Bochner

About The Gallery

Founded by David Lasry in New York City in 1994, Two Palms works with some of the world’s most celebrated
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