Mel Prest
9,100 GBP (£)
Acrylic and fluorescent acrylic on panel
59.8 x 59.8 x 2 Inch
Unique artwork
Perfect. First hand item.
Available For Sale
From the artist\'s studio
United States
abstract,abstract painting
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This artwork is from a series called lux.

Living and working in San Francisco for many years, artist and curator Mel Prest has become acutely attentive to the optical phenomena offered by the region’s geography.

Lux series pays homage to two cities whose atmospheric, geographic, and architectural qualities offer vastly different sensational impressions. The blankets of fog and floral scents of coastal San Francisco are reflected in paintings where the artist’s characteristic, hand-painted lines overlap in loose geometries to create a soft haze. In contrast, the artist’s travels to Mexico City, with its brightly colored markets and buildings, come to mind in works in which lines intersect to activate a viewer’s eyes with an oscillating energy.


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About The Artist

Mel Prest is an American artist, curator, and educator, whose non-objective work is focused on color and perceptual visual relatio....Read More

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