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American abstract painter Michelle Marra describes herself as a “spirited colorist,” a perfect expression of the high level of emotion, energy, and luminosity she imbues into her paintings. In some of her series, such as Bold and Beautiful and Abstracted Blooms, she layers her acrylic paint into thick, impasto surfaces, which contrast beautifully with her lyrical, gestural brush marks, creating an interplay of seriousness and whimsy. The biomorphic forms and lush color relationships in these paintings are grounded in the natural world, evoking images of wildflower gardens and tangled jungle landscapes. Other series, such as Crossroads, suggest the artist’s penchant for pure abstraction, demonstrating her instincts for capturing the interplay of light and shadow, and her clear love for paint. “Color is what really excites me,” Marra has said. “I like to end up with a piece that has feeling and that other people find exciting.” She has exhibited her works extensively throughout the United States, and has been an Artist in Residence at the Jamestown Art Center and the Atlantic Center for the Arts, among others. She shares her time between her studios in Florida, North Carolina and Connecticut.

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