I have long found inspiration in the everyday. Intrigue and beauty in the nooks and crannies of ordinary life pulling stories out from overlooked places and the offbeat characters. The well-worn face is what moves me. Their stories may seem small, but for me they are stories worth paying attention to. More psychological profile than portrait, my interest is not in painting an exact representation, but rather my interpretation of the persona, painted in a raw, stripped down style on found wood. Wood is an important component of my work because it has a texture that is representative of these particular weathered people. As the wood matures the depth of the character only becomes more enhanced and the story more revealing. I use my hands instead of brushes to work the paint into the grooves of the wood, Memory also plays an important role in my work as I'm interested in how we process memories of the forgotten. The paintings are designed to evoke memories of people from our past that have long since faded. A family member, a teacher from grade school, an old friend. It all started for me as a therapist in a locked state psychiatric facility where I was moved by the patients who had been forgotten and written off, yet had incredible stories.