This extraordinary artwork by mittenimwald reveals his artistry of multi-layer
stencils in all its glory. The ornamental calligraphic background which shines
through here and there, emphasises the strongly contoured portraiture of a Geisha
named Umeha.

With the solo exhibition “sushi connection” 30works gallery proudly presents a new series of works by Hamburg-based Street Art hero mittenimwald.
Since the beginning of his career mittenimwald has been interested in Japanese culture. He was especially intrigued by the predominating female role model along with its ritual disguise and the related encoded role playing. The solo show displays virtuoso stencils of geishas, manga-ladies and Nippon-Amazons flanked by provoking claims. With this mittenimwald reveals himself as master of allusion.
Instead of the usual objectification, mittenimwald creates the image of a strong, confident Far Eastern woman who as pride subject full of self-assertion counteracts our Western canon of values.