This Last Supper takes place in Northern Africa in a building located in the Sahara Desert, this artwork has a three-dimensional table and the messiah's arm is 3-D. The background depicts a stained glass window.
ONZIE NORMAN is a self-taught painter and wood sculptor from Detroit, Michigan. Onzie started in the field of carpentry in high school and later graduated from the Detroit Carpenters Apprenticeship School in 2003. This craft would play an important role in his artistic development. After a vision in 2013, Onzie began to draw, which lead him to begin experimenting with painting on wood. Onzie constructs his own canvas out of wood and uses acrylic, enamel, ink, paper, sand and resin to create one of a kind abstract paintings. Onzie has worked diligently towards building his art career, with multiple solo and group exhibitions including the Bombay Artesian Series, Art Prize, and the Essence Festival. Onzie's artwork is in many private collections and recently his work has been acquired by NFL linebacker Deandre Levy, award-winning writer/public speaker Everette Taylor and American journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner Stephen Henderson.
The artist says of his work...
My art is my journey into the powerful energy of abstraction through forms, shapes, lines, and color. I create work inspired by indigenous people, African mask sculptures, and the neo-expressionism style that emerged in the late 1970s. My paintings are created with a blend of collage and paint. I primarily use acrylic, enamel, ink, spray paint, paper, and resin to create mixed media subjects on handcrafted wood canvases. Often viewers will see one of the eyes blotted out in my pieces which represents the history of ethnic groups that have been wiped out. My goal is to pay homage to the past while including contemporary styles using vibrant and bold colors. My art is a celebration of a culture where the past and present meet and ultimately will affect the future.