Untitled (Composition with Frame, 3 Wood Slats and 3 Colours, 2/35)

Patric Sandri
Price on request
Acrylic on wood construction behind transparent cotton
60 x 40 x 4.5 cm
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Patric Sandri creates compositions using lines, space, colours and playful mathematical concepts. When he starts on a work, the first step is the analysis of the stretcher frame, which has a sculptural character and displays various norms or qualities, depths and interfaces. He gives these often neglected components of painting a meaning and searches for corresponding personal systems and visualisations. At first glance it appears as if the colours have been delicately applied to the surface. But if one looks closer the viewer discovers that the paintings feature transparency. The conditions of painting are disclosed. The primary colours applied on the wood-constructions mix with each other, shimmer, reflect and radiate through transparent fabrics onto their background. What seems painted is a visual irritation or what we observe as an illusion.
Patric Sandri explores the medium of painting and examines perceptions and the aspects of viewing. Mistakes and contradictions in the understanding of the perception, for example through the play with illusion, deception and visual irritation are important aspects that influence the ideas and composition of the works. He questions the role and function of the picture and develops non-figurative painterly objects, the meaning of which is revealed through the act of observation.


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About The Artist

Patric Sandri is a Swiss painter whose minimalist work is focusing on the aspect of light, material and his viewers' perception. ....Read More

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Galerie Lisa Kandlhofer is a gallery based in Vienna representing emerging and mid carrer artists.Read More
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