Paul Behnke
4,600 GBP (£)
Acrylic and spray paint on canvas
91 x 91 cm
Unique artwork
Perfect. First hand item.
Available For Sale
From the artist\'s studio
United States
abstract,abstract painting
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Paul Behnke is an American abstract painter whose work prioritizes form.
His images flow from a mixture of intuition, pop cultural influences, mystic thought, and what he describes as “a formal romantic modernism.” He lives and works in New York City.

This recent work retains an evolving sense of monumentality emphasized by central “figures/ personages” in high key color set against a more somber ground.

Compositions are likely to begin with a vague idea of form derived from history, myth, television or comics but aside from this change his process heavy and intuitive approach has remained very much the same as in his earlier work.

The paint application has become more gestural in areas and this allows for a more varied surface. Behnke mixes a bit more colors for the new work relying less on intense color applied directly from the tube and he is drawn to very dead, matte surfaces. In addition pattern has reintroduced itself and while he is not particularly interested in Graffiti or street art, spray paint or the airbrush is used sparingly to add variety of mark making or a sense of naturalistic light and space.


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Paul Behnke is an American contemporary abstract painter. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Memphis College of....Read More

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