Peter Olson (Born 1954) has for the last six years harmonized photography and ceramics, two mediums that have forced their way into fine art. As bands of imagery spin around the thrown and assembled ceramic garnitures, there is a feeling that time is passing, history is revealing itself, a story is being told. There is mystery as the story itself is unclear. This triptych has his spindle form, the kind of shapes made on the lathe for centuries and which became the inspiration in the 1880s for Theodoor Colenbrander's visionary lidded jars in Holland with surface painting that anticipated Modernism. Olson is a trained professional photographer but when making art moonlights as a street photographer, informed by daily life and cultural and religious objects. He is the fields most inventive and inspired master of fired decals (a 17th-century innovation) infusing them with the passion for his subjects and magical, kinetic banding.