Flowerhater depicts a country farmer at war with a patch of wild-flowers. Pushing an old lawnmower, he cuts the flowers down only to see them sprout back up in a pattern of perpetual rebirth. In the end, he loses the battle and collapses to the ground amidst a body-outline of colorful perennials.
This work is the latest example of Peter's ongoing effort to re-contextualize the cinematic image in spatial terms. Peter's performance was filmed and projected using a unique angular perspective technique of his own conception, resulting in a new kind of viewing experience in which his figure appears to rise up from the cinematic landscape. 24.1 × 35.6 × 10.2, Editions 4-10 of 10, $38,000; 24.1 × 35.6 × 10.2, Editions 4-10 of 10, $38,000;

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