Colby 10

Peter Soriano
3,500 GBP (£)
Mixed Media
Spray paint, pencil, ink, watercolor on paper
94 x 126 cm
Available For Sale
Patterson Sims, an art writer, curator and consultant in New York wrote the following about Soriano: “Tracing a life that borders on the nomadic, Soriano’s drawings document the ever-shifting interiors of his migratory life; they serve as a means to locate himself and express how he perceives and positions himself in his environment.” “Peter Soriano: Interior Drawings,” exhibition catalog for Other Side -> (NUM)BERS
United States
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Peter Soriano works on relatively large sheets of Japanese paper with a tendency to work from something observed, ideally around him. He tends to be “in” the configuration that is the subject of the work.

Soriano is fond of “systems” objects attached to other objects, such as the wiring plan of a room. But very often there are other shapes that play a role in the work.

The artist would fold and rework a piece a number of times. Folding seems to concentrate the dialogue that attracts him. Reworking is part of his nature. The finished work normally is the result of this ebb and flow between the heightening and repositioning the relationship between forms.

This artwork relates to his wall drawing made for the Colby Museum of Art entitled Permanent Maintenance.

Drawings made alongside a project frequently become a surface for drawing out ideas similar to a sketch book.



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Peter Soriano is an American artist who started as a sculptor but made a transition into abstract murals and more intimate drawing....Read More

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IdeelArt is an online only art gallery dedicated to contemporary abstract art, offering a representative selection of qualitative ....Read More
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