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British artist Phoebe Boddy mobilizes abstract painting to express the emotional and sensual pleasures of food. Like the recipes that inspire her, Boddy’s gestural abstract compositions are layered and complex, blending a host of textures and colors.

Specific food memories—such as Elderflower Bellini, It’s a Tea party, or Strawberry Laces—provide the titles as well as the color relationships for her pieces.

For Boddy, consumption of both food and art should be an act not just of necessity, but of pleasure.

In her compositions, flavors become colors, and the excitement of eating and sharing food translates into flurries of energetic brushstrokes and forms. Along with Chef Jay Sharp, she founded Palette Dining, which hosts dining experiences that explore “the sensory connections between Food & Art." Boddy earned her Fine Arts BA from Loughborough University in England.

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